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Monofil have been selling pre-charged aerosols and its previously patented aerosol filling systems to the car refinishing industry for over twenty five years. We started out as a small family business, developing one of the first pneumatic aerosol filling machines for the creation of individually mixed colour spray cans for the automotive trade.

Over the years product development has continued and there are now many more industries that our aerosols are used in, such as Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture, Wood Finishing, Motor Cycles, Vintage Restoration, plus the Wheel Repair and Plastic Repair sector. As well as the pre-charged aerosols, which now include a water-base and 2k formula, Monofil now has an extensive range of high in quality ancillary aerosol sprays, like 1k acrylic topcoats, 1k primers, etch primers, weld thru primers, 1k clearcoats, 2k clearcoats, bumper coatings and wheel silver’s.

Recently Monofil have diversified our product range, we now have a range of professional coatings under our RELO brand, which includes; 2k primers, clear coats, thinners and degreaser.

Aerosols are what we do, with over 25 years of experience in the aerosol industry we are proud to be one of the market leaders in our industry.

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Niki Hartley
Business Development Manager:
Area covered: south east England Inc. Norfolk and Leicestershire
Contact number: 07557 037 064
Email: niki.hartley@monofil.co.uk
Matthew Whitbourn
Business Development Manager
Contact number: 07458 040 292
Email: Matthew.Whitbourn@monofil.co.uk
Stephen Rawnsley
Business Development Manager
Area covered: Northeast England. Scotland and Nottinghamshire
Contact number: 07769 167695
Email: Stephen.Rawnsley@monofil.co.uk
Stephen Gorton
Business Development Manager
Area covered: Northwest England and The Midlands
Contact number: 07825 941820
Email address: Stephen.Gorton@monofil.co.uk