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Aerosol Filling Machines

The Monofil Aerosol Filling Machine is a semi- automatic machine for the filling of pre-charged aerosols with many different paint related products.

It is housed in a stainless steel cabinet and pneumatically operated. It fits easily in the corner of the paint mixing room and just takes just a minute to install. The operation is very quick, clean and of course extremely safe. Supplied with the original designed patented filling jar, for a clean and simple filling procedure.

The innovative design of the filling jar, is the reason why the machine fills all the paint into the aerosol and does not leave any paint in the dip-tube or the top of the valve. The machine can also be adapted to a clean free filling system by changing the filling jar and piston head.
At Monofil we sell used/ fully refurbished and brand new aerosol machines.
If you wish to purchase an aerosol machine please contact us with your requirements.

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