Private Label Aerosols

Private Label Aerosols

As well as our own Monofil designed tins, we can offer a full range of private label aerosols in small quantities. From a single box of twelve tins, up to a pallet size of mixed aerosol products.

All of our most popular day to day products are available, which include the pre-charged aerosols, standard primers, high build & etch primers, plastic primers, clearcoats, plastic coating systems, stonechip and from the ancillary range, gloss black, satin black & matt black. We are sure to have a product that fits your requirements and your budget

We are able to produce small quantities, because we can print your labels on demand, using our own high tech printers.

We have our own, in house design team to help you with your design, from start to finish.

For pallet type quantities of each product, we can work with one of our partners to supply either screen printed or lithographed aerosol tins.

Please Contact us with your requirements, we will put together a no obligation quote and design.

Non Aerosol Private Label Products

At Monofil we don’t just offer Aerosols in our own brand product range!!

We can supply a range of our High quality Coatings and Body fillers in Own brand, this is subject to minimum order quantities.

The products are from our popular ranges including our Heavy Filler, Multi filler, Stopper and Glass fibre filler and coating products such as Clearcoat kits, 2K primer kits, Thinners and ancillary products in 5lt and 1lt tins.

We offer an in house design service, which will produce you a design to your specifications.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will supply you with a no obligation quote and design.