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MONOFIL Products

The MONOFIL COLOURMATCH Aerosol for solvent based paints
The specially formulated CFC-free aerosols are pre-filled with a mixture of propellant and solvents, supplied in a lithographed spray can for 300ml and 400ml net content.
Generally supplied and fitted with the unique “screw type valve” for extra safety and a cleaner filling procedure.
In addition to the standard MONOFIL COLOURMATCH aerosol we offer a low budget pre-filled aerosol fitted with a conventional press-on valve for 400ml net content.

The MONOFIL COLOURMATCH Aerosol for water based paints

Pre-charged aerosols with a specially formulated mixture of CFC-free propellants and other additives for water based paints. Each aerosol is equipped with an adjustable, extra fine FAN spray head, suitable for a variety of water based paint systems.

New 2K pre-charged Aerosol for 2-pack paints

Pre-charged aerosols with a mixture of propellant and solvent for 400ml net content. Filled hardener package integrated in the can. Suitable for filling with 2K paints using the Monofil aerosol filling machine. Once the hardener is activated the contents of the aerosol becomes a 2K product with a limited pot life. Clean and safe transfer of the hardener, after the aerosol has been filled, through a simple push button on the bottom of the aerosol, the hardener is opened and the product is activated.

Monofill 221 Aerosol additive

Monofil 221 is a non-isocyanate additive to convert 2K-Acrylic paint into an air-dry 1K-Acrylic paint available in 1 litre cans for use with our colourmatch aerosols

New 2-Component Clearcoat

Our new 2-Component Clearcoat spray with a filled hardener package integrated into the can is a fast drying brilliant clearcoat with excellent flow for clear over base coatings. Highly resistant against all kinds of weathering as well as chemical and mechanical load. Fuel resistant. Once the hardener is activated the pot life is 5-6 hours.

Ancillary Aerosol Products

Further to our range of pre-charged aerosols, we offer a full range of ancillary aerosols. Our range includes Acrylic Primers, Etch Primers, Plastic Primers, Zinc Coatings, Bumper Sprays, Heat Resistant Coatings, Fade-Out Solution, Line Marking Paint, Stone Chip Coatings, Wheel Silver, Clear Lacquers and many topcoat colours.

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