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MONOFIL Services

The MONOFIL COLOURMATCH Aerosol System is an easy, cost effective way for paint distributors to open up profitable new business.
MONOFIL COLOURMATCH provides the means to supply paint spray cans in ANY colour without the need to carry large stocks. This provides sales opportunities to;

  • Motorists who have found it impossible to find DIY spray which matches their car’s colour accurately
  • Professional Body Repairers for use on small inaccessible areas not worth filling a spray gun for.
  • Custom Vehicle enthusiasts who want small quantities of the latest bright and exotic colours
  • Fleet owners who need to touch up vehicles in corporate colours
  • Plant & Machinery equipment installers and maintenance teams who need to repair minor damage
  • Shop fitters for design graphics and special colour finishes
  • Supplying British Standard and RAL colours
  • Competition sponsor’s colours
  • Numerous practical & decorative uses around the home and workplace
The MONOFIL COLOURMATCH aerosol machine is a semi-automated pneumatic filling machine designed in Britain to fill our colourmatch aerosol cans which are pre-charged with a special formulated CFC-free chemical mix which acts as both solvent and propellant
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